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Anonymous asked: Are you expecting it so be someone in particular?

No except I just told someone that exact sentence soo I was wondering if this was them…who are you?

And why am I dangerous?

Anonymous asked: You're dangerous

👀👀👀👀 waaaaaiiittt who’s this!?!?

Just got home nd she has me at the grocery store sleepy…..
Georgia chillfest

Anonymous asked: You were in Tennessee!!! OMG! If only I wasn't on anon 😌 I'm not ready! Lol

LISTEN LINDA!!! Come up off anon. Lol you can do it!!!

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Falling off a ledge in Tennessee… W/ @shay_alecia_

Cause I like a little coffee with my cream. And I like a little dirty with my clean.

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Dont fall pray to the allure that last only for a day.


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Oh how we react, when the power is ours to wield. 

WTF was i thinking about in 2011… 

Anonymous asked: Sexy ass

Thank yah!

The #SelfieChallenge thing that I’m late on but satisfyymyysoul tagged me in so here it is.

I didn’t read rules nd I’m not trynna add other people so BOOM there it is lol.

Anonymous asked: I don't feel as special anymore with all these other anons *sad face* you're still the f*cking BEST! 😜

Thank you! If you weren’t anon we would’t have that issue. :)