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Treadmill in the house no excuses…. Is it normal to yawn while you’re full sprint!? I’m coming for this PT test! 👺😡😠😤

I want more queer brown people on my life in 2014


fucking. this. 

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"I need the gay community to STOP comparing our struggle to the Black Civil Rights Movement. You DON’T get to draw that comparison and then remain SILENT when the civil rights of Black teens are being violated. I mean, where the fuck are y’all?!?! Yay! For Ellen Page coming out at an lgbt youth conference. I was there. I sang right after. But THAT should not have been our focus yesterday. How in the hell are we having conferences to inspire our youth to live their truths and then have absolutely nothing to offer to THIS conversation???? Dear White Gays, I am HEARTBROKEN by your continued silence on these issues and I DO NOT give you permission to high jack the Civil Rights Movement while simultaneously IGNORING the inequalites that youth of color face every fucking day. It is culturally insensitive to do so and we are either fighting for EQUALITY for ALL or we aren’t. As an LGBT woman of color, I am having an extremely difficult time grasping WHY Matthew Shephard’s life is so much more valuable than Trayvon’s or Jordan’s????!?!?! Help me understand, y’all! Help me understand."

- Frenchie Davis exposes a simmering frustration many African Americans have with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.  (via odinsblog)

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oh how I wish I could time travel.

Fucka time travel let’s start a new freaknic

my sister use to go to this shit.

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Morning folks!! 😏

that hat is HAWWWTTTTT mann.

I’m in love, I have a hat addiction! Thanks :)
Morning folks!! 😏

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Never. sur We Heart It.

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